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Stain Free, Odor Free, Soft Water

We take well water or city water and filter out high levels of odors, particulate, and stain-causing metals. We remove and filter metals like rust, iron, copper, manganese, and lead. Our patented MetalXtract® filters remove up to 90% of the metals from well water. Our softeners take out hardness and give you that “home” quality soft water while on the road. We create quality water with our pre-filters, water softeners, and combined water systems.

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Used MetalXtract Filters Filters

MetalXtract Filters After Use

Check out how the MetalXtract Filters change colors depending on the metals removed from your RV water.  These are all stain-causing metals which give that rust look on surfaces like
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Water filtered with FillFast RV

Which filter is better?

Why are the MetalXtract filters better than other filters? Answer: The MetalXtract filter uses a patented polymer which is placed between two layers of filter media to grab the stain-causing