Which filter is better?

Water filtered with FillFast RV

Why are the MetalXtract filters better than other filters?

Answer: The MetalXtract filter uses a patented polymer which is placed between two layers of filter media to grab the stain-causing metals out of the water and trap them inside the filter layers. Plus, the MetalXtract works great on well water and water with high levels of metals…even lead!  No other filter can remove ionized metals at high levels like MetalXtract.

Other filters only filter out metal particulate.  Ionized metals are what causes staining on your RV surfaces.  FillFast RV with MetalXtract helps prevent staining on sinks, toilets, and showers in your RV.

Filter Replacement

Water filtered with FillFast RV

filter replacement

How do I know when I need to replace my filters?

Answer: The MetalXtract filters are rated for 5,000 gallons on well water, but that all depends on how bad the water is that you are using to fill your tanks. You should be able to use each filter for several months of normal use.

MetalXtract Filters

Used MetalXtract Filters

I used my Aqua RV FillFast system and my filters turned out covered when I pulled them out. My staining stopped while I was using the filters. So, what causes the filters to be so gunked-up?

metalxtract filters

Answer: The MetalXtract filters can collect metals out of the water and also other things like tannins. So, this is why your surfaces are staying so stain-free.